Jump On Your Career Surfboard and Ride the Wave
Jump On Your Career Surfboard and Ride the Wave
A client + senior executive careerist reminded me today the importance of ‘riding the wave’ of change, of its constancy.

We sometimes become weary of change and don obstinacy, like a prized robe. We want to control the journey, dissuading potential obstacles or unplanned paths. We want to close the door and the blinds and only let in people and activities that are amenable and cozy.

This may seem ideal, for a short while.

Until we realize the limitations.

The lackluster lull.

The waning of the pizzazz.

Instead, my client’s words encourage that change is not only unceasing, but it is good, an enlivening aspect of our everyday. It’s what creates texture and growth and vitality.

So, as my client asserted, “Life is a finite gig. Live it. Don’t avoid change – you’re better off jumping on the surfboard + riding that wave.”

Moreover, life and career change often are interwoven with the waves cresting and falling in relation to different aspects of one’s journey, and this may feel disconcerting. This is when you should ride the waves nimbly. Enable the crest and fall of change to imbue you with new opportunities + possibility!